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High Throughput Screening Laboratory at KU

High throughput screening of large chemical libraries of compounds is a proven way to identify novel chemical entities that target a biological system of interest. In order to have this technology available to biomedical researchers in Kansas and beyond, the KU High Throughput Screening Laboratory (KU-HTSL) was established in 2002 at the University of Kansas with support from the COBRE Center for Cancer Experimental Therapeutics (NIH 8P30GM103495), the State of Kansas and the University, and it is a shared resource for the KU Cancer Center (KUMC).

KU-HTSL is a state of the art facility dedicated to providing exceptional services in advancing drug discovery research initiatives, as well as assistance in preparing grant applications. Our personnel have extensive experience in executing biochemical, cell-based, siRNA as well as high content screening campaigns against a plethora of target classes.

We would like to be your premier one source and your portal for all that the University of Kansas has to offer in supporting your drug discovery efforts. We strive to establish an enduring relationship with our customers and collaborators in addressing their drug discovery needs pertaining to target identification and validation, assay development, high throughput screening, hit confirmation, data mining and medicinal chemistry to facilitate hit to lead development. KU-HTSL further leverages the strengths of the KU core facilities (protein production, flow cytometry, imaging, chemo-and bio informatics, medicinal chemistry, etc) and the KU Cancer Center's Drug Discovery, Delivery & Experimental Therapeutics (D3ET) Research Program. Most importantly, the KU-HTSL infrastructure is built with a pharma perspective in accelerating drug discovery efforts.

KU-HTSL is a fee-for-service facility dedicated to providing academia and nonprofit institutions, as well as the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, with exceptional quality services at the lowest cost structure. We partner with the investigators collaboratively to expedite their drug discovery efforts and serve as a uniquely qualified reference facility with high throughput screening instrument manufacturers as well as reagent kit developers and manufacturers.

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Anuradha Roy, Ph.D.

Phone: 785-864-1709
Fax: 785-864-8141

Partial support for KU-HTSL is provided by the COBRE Infectious Diseases Assay Develeopment (IDAD) grant (NIH P20GM113117), and  the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) NCI Cancer Center Support grant (P30 CA16852407) .